Marcos Paulino Huertas: “Promising therapies for fibromyalgia will emerge”

The traditional label of “psychiatric patient” for fibromyalgia patients has no longer made sense at the present time in parallel with the increase in knowledge among professionals of the characteristics of this disease, which can affect about one million people in All of Spain, and the appearance of drugs and new treatments that will improve their quality of life.

The doctor specializing in Rheumatology at the Hospital General Universitario de Ciudad Real, Marcos Paulino Huertas, who was last Wednesday at the conference organized by the association of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue Trébol de Puertollano on the occasion of the international day of this condition, unveiled to Lanza the Advances made in the last years in the investigation of the disease and its treatment, together with the future prospects.
In an effort to eliminate any doubts, Marcos Paulino Huertas explained that fibromyalgia “is a disease that causes diffuse pain, extreme tiredness and affects concentration and memory.” Women between the ages of forty and fifty are the most affected and according to the different approaches made could be present in about 20,000 people in a province like Ciudad Real.
Of particular interest is that fibromyalgia patients share that when they undergo the first medical tests in order to obtain a diagnosis they give normal results, reason that took them to be treated like psychiatric patients in the past.

The rheumatologist at the General University Hospital of Ciudad Real said that it is now possible to diagnose fibromyalgia not only through the disposal of other diseases in consultation, but also through advanced and specific techniques. In this way, the tests allow to verify that “the patients experience unusual alterations in the nerve endings and in the brain”, reason why, according to the expert, “they are more sensitive to the pain than other people”. Paulino Huertas stressed that “through studies such as functional resonance it is clearly seen that the neuronal and brain activity is different.”

The rheumatologist pointed out that at present the percentage of detection of fibromyalgia is very important, due to the increase in training in the health field on this disease and also by the important work of awareness that has existed with the introduction of, for example, its study in the Curricula of medical schools. There has also been progress in chronic fatigue, a “similar” disease, characterized by intense exhaustion, although it may involve the immune system at times, and affects half of fibromyalgia patients.

Although fibromyalgia at the moment has no cure, Marcos Paulino Huertas said that the related research is intended “to increase the quality of life of the chronically ill, so that they can access effective treatments”

. Without official medicines for the treatment of fibromyalgia in Europe, although there are three in the United States and two of them are used by European specialists – although at the community level “do not consider themselves effective enough”, hence they are not recognized by the Institutions, Marcos Paulino Huertas instead said that “new treatments and more drugs will be coming soon,” which are now in trial period. In fact, the rheumatologist from Ciudad Real said hopefully that “promising new therapies will come out” for patients.

The goal is to reduce the pain sensitivity of patients, “placating their excess neuronal inflammation” ./

Recent research also points out that this condition, which may be linked to the female gender by hormonal issues and has a genetic component, demonstrates that the daughters and granddaughters of the sick are eight times more likely to suffer from it, may be related to ” A sudden change “on a physical or psychic level, or a” stress situation “; So that those people genetically predisposed to suffer it could develop it in those cases. In addition, the specialist Marcos Paulino Huertas indicated that “people who suffer from anxiety or depression may have a greater facility to develop it,” he added, “not because they are somatic patients, but because the neurotransmitters of mood are related to perception Of pain “, determinants for fibromyalgia.

The disease may show some of its symptoms from childhood, with “bone pain or growth”; And the specialist recommended going to the family doctor to determine as soon as possible a prognosis when there is headache or general and there are family precedents, especially because the GPs “are the main specialists in fibromyalgia and are very prepared” pa

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