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Lyme Disease

A simple bite from a deer tick can bring the wrath of the dreaded Lyme Disease on you! Although it is found in many more countries, this disease is most common in the United States. The worst part is that the symptoms don’t show until about a week later!


Many countries do not recognize this disease as an actual disease, but, this illness could result in seizures, leaving the patient bedridden and even death if left untreated.

How Fast Has The Disease Spread?


lyme disease

In the United States alone, there have been reports showing that there are approximately 329,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year! In fact, in 2012, Lyme disease was included among the top ten notifiable diseases!

It mostly affects people who are susceptible to being bitten by ticks, like children playing outdoors in grassy fields, park rangers, bird watchers, campers etc.

The reason why this disease is treated as a deadly disease is because over 40% of the people who come in contact with this disease, face long-term problems!


Most often a person is unaware of when a tick has bitten them. Unlike mosquitoes, you cannot feel the bite of a tick. But, if you suspect that you have been bitten by a tick, immediately inform your doctor!

Common Symptoms

lyme disease
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Some of the most common symptoms include:

EM Rash – appears in the form of a bull’s eye
Swollen lymph nodes
Joint aches
Later Symptoms

lyme disease
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The later symptoms are more severe and must be attended to immediately!


These symptoms include:

Short-term memory loss
Facial palsy
Heart Palpitations
Swelling in the joints – most commonly observed in the knees


lyme disease
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As the symptoms of Lyme disease mimic a lot of other illnesses, it often misdiagnosed as other illnesses. This could lead to a delay in proper treatment. And, cause the infection to keep growing.

Most often, the general diagnosis included a blood test. This is only done if you are experiencing the symptoms of Lyme disease.


lyme disease
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If diagnosed correctly, studies show that most often, with the help of oral antibiotics, the patient will recover rapidly.

However, because of failure to properly diagnose the situation and lack of immediate treatment, a patient can die within 10 years. It could result in the patient living a catatonic life, or result in the patient swallowing over 50 tablets a day just to stay alive.

Progress With Technology

lyme disease
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For a very long time, it was considered very hard for doctors to diagnose whether a patient had Lyme disease or not. But, with the recent improvement in technology, we are able to diagnose this disease easily.

A urine based Nanotrap Lyme Antigen test has been invented, that helps doctors diagnose a patient easily through a simple urine test! This miracle worker has been developed by Ceres Nanosciences, a diagnostics company in Virginia.

The reason why this invention is much needed is because the black-legged tick bite does not pain and so quite often the patient does not know he/she has been bitten. Unless he/she develops a bull’s eye rash.

Sadly the bull’s eye rash only develops on less that 50% of the people who have been bitten!

While this technology is still not available to the public as it is yet to obtain approval from the FDA, it has been funded by many for this very same cause. In fact, The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has helped play an important part in this research.

Hopefully, with the help of all the extra funding received, this research will get approved by the FDA soon. So that, the product will be available to all the people who are desperately in need of a quick and right diagnosis!

Keep in mind that Lyme disease is not transferable from human to human, but is brought on my transfer from tick to human!


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