I wanted to share some information about sleeping arrangements when you have fibromyalgia.

Foam Mattress: We have exchanged a premium first-line spring mattress for a new “memory foam” mattress. Some of these mattresses have separate zippered compartments for foam layers – which means you can upgrade or replace the foam top sections without buying a new bed. I recommend buying a mattress cover, which is essential to keep the breath foam, clean and dry. The foam mattress seems to be warmer by the value of a blanket, so keep this in mind, though the new gel foam is supposed to relieve this. Our foam mattress has greatly alleviated the pain caused by “pressure points” where your body touches the mattress.


Bed Rail: I use the Stander Bed Fence Benefit Traveler. Very useful for getting in and out of bed when my muscles are protesting, and helps to change positions in bed, or if I wake up a bit unbalanced in the mornings. The mine is U-shaped and has pockets for n-extreme probabilities.

Leaves: Depends on your perception of softness. The sheets of bamboo fabric seem to work for us. We tried satin, but did not like the slipperiness. The flannel is soft, but it tends to grab the fabric of my PJs, making moving in bed difficult.
The strategies I use to help me sleep with fibromyalgia


Body Pillows: I have a Comfort U pillow for total body support, a U-shaped body pillow. On the one hand, it is one of the few that is large and long enough for a man. Many body pillows are designed for women, and are too short or too thin. The body pillow allows me to keep my limbs apart, and to the right heights to reduce pain. The U shape means I can roll without having to move my pillow. I ended up stuffing some extra pillows to fill in mine, so it was firmer and high enough for my shoulders. Make sure you get extra pillow cases …

My new favorite is Sleep Innovations Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow, a very deep body straight pillow. Great if you have broad shoulders. It is also very heavy, and has a central memory foam core. I actually use two of these, putting them in a wonderfully smooth T. arrangement. They hold the heat, so summer use may not be as enjoyable.

Heated Mattress Cushion: The ability to warm the mattress before climbing, or to have the soft heat relax your muscles is wonderful. In the morning, I can warm my muscles before I leave the bed. We use a three-zone pad, so you can only warm your feet, hips or upper body, or any combination. I use the Sunbeam therapeutic thermal cushion cushion.

The premium option seems to be a mattress called Chilipad. It uses a refrigerator type device to pump hot or cold water through small tubes in the mattress pad.

Sleepwear: If you need the softest material possible, try the “bamboo viscose” type of clothing. In addition, I have found that bamboo fabrics that include

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