Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About These Surprising Causes Of Fibromyalgia

Increased levels of substance P – This substance is found in cerebrospinal fluid and affects our perceptions of, and how we process, pain. People with Fibromyalgia have at least 3 times more substance P than the general population.

Sleep – Some doctors feel lack of quality sleep can lead to onset of Fibromyalgia, when people are deprived of Level 4 sleep for a period of time they develop symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Sleep disturbances and poor quality sleep are hallmark symptoms of Fibromyalgia, it may be hard to say which comes first for some people.

Genetics – Fibromyalgia often runs in families, there is a possibility that the disease process is brought on by a genetic mutation.

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Environmental – Some feel that high chemical exposure and dietary habits can lead to certain diseases, this can also explain some family connections for those in the same area.

Infections and Illnesses – Some of these appear to trigger latent Fibro, and be the cause.

Physical or emotional trauma – PTSD has been linked to Fibromyalgia, as has chronic pain, the theory behind this is that nerves are on edge for so long they become permanently disrupted.

Illness and Trauma Together – The book ‘Fibromyalgia for Dummies’ links one cause to be an accident involving long-term physical pain followed by an infection can cause Fibromyalgia.

Anti-depressants – Low doses of anti-depressants are often prescribed. This is useful for depression, pain and sleep.

Anti-anxiety– A common symptom of Fibro, usually prescribed by doctor on diagnosis.

Therapy – This is a tough disease to handle, you rarely can make plans or predict how your day will be, a flare can happen at any time and put you in bed for a day or 2, therapy helps deal with the inevitable frustration of having an invisible disease.

Support groups – Easiest to find on the internet, its helpful to talk to people who understand what you’re going through. Facebook has several pages and groups available, blogs, and meetings in larger cities.

Diet – There is a whole article devoted just to this. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and anything you can’t pronounce. Focus on whole, organic foods as much as possible, whole grains, and lean proteins.

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