But what is fibromyalgia really? In my consultation I explain to patients that Fibromyalgia is “an intoxication of the organism”, simply and plainly.

Specialists in nutrition expose it and in my years of experience I have been able to verify it personally.

A patient arrives at the clinic with the following symptoms:

General pain.
Depression…. For years of pain and misunderstanding.
Irritable colon.
Bad nutrition. Many of these patients eat milk and cookies, some toast and fruit. For not having the strength or desire to prepare a good meal.
Repeated urinary tract infection, treated for years with antibiotics.
Extreme overweight or thinness, anemia and lack of nutrients.
No restful sleep for years.
You can not tell this patient that everything is psychological, that he is not sick and that the clinical analysis confirms it. The patient leaves the most broken consultation if it fits what he had entered. He or she had sought in consultation understanding, explanation and solution and found the opposite.

What is my therapy?
Firstly, I explain to the patient that he is really sick, that he is not invented or wants to draw the attention of the family. Of course, he is not a bum who does not want to work.

Then we review your current diet, analyzing the food you eat each day and explaining why many of them should be eliminated or replaced by others.

Key Foods to Eliminate: Dairy – Fruit – Wheat – Sugar

The patient begins to understand why he is ill, he tells me that these are the foods that he likes and are easier to prepare.

I will explain the case of a patient to see the evolution of it. I have the case of a patient in a very advanced stage of the disease. She arrives at my office accompanied by her husband who helps her to stand. He barely talks, does not smile, does not trust me for the simple fact that no one in the last 5 years has known how to solve his illness.

Talking with her we discovered several things:

He has had recurrent urinary tract infections for years, treated with antibiotics.
She is diagnosed with candida, treated with antibiotics.
He has sores in his mouth, repetitively.
Severe depression, treated with various antidepressants.
Irritable bowel syndrome with episodes of severe diarrhea and severe constipation.
Its food is based on the following foods: Milk + Sugar + Coffee + Biscuits + Fruit.

Just try other foods because you do not have to prepare them, you are just hungry.

The evolution of a severe fibromyalgia patient
He has not left the house for three years, he only gives a short night’s walk. He can barely get out of bed, suffer constant dizziness and severe chronic fatigue. Antidepressants make you sleepy and sleep all day. The case is very severe but has the support of his family, husband and children, he is very eager to cure himself.

I explain the therapy and accept a little skeptical advice. A month later she returns to the consultation, arrives alone, does not need anyone to accompany her. He has followed the therapy to the letter. Fatigue has improved, you may be up and you feel like walking and talking to people.

The migraine has disappeared. The bowel is normalizing; Still has difficulty but little by little improves. The pains throughout the body are more bearable, they are still there but it can hold them. The urine infection has passed, has no itching or stinging.

She is very surprised by the change in her health with only one month of therapy, she is happy and hopeful. Start trusting me.

In future consultations little by little she has been improving the symptoms and at the moment she can help her husband in the company that lead both, goes out to walk with his friends and continues with the therapy. This is a very complicated case, but at the same time very simple to deal with.

Effects of treatment
The patient is diagnosed of:

Fibromyalgia -> Suffer intoxication.
Candida -> Suffer intoxication.
Migraine -> Suffers intoxication.
In all three diseases the key is in the intoxication of the organism by the ingestion of food, drugs and other intoxicants that inflame the intestine producing all the symptoms of the disease.

By suppressing these foods and the rest of intoxicants, it is the body itself that begins regeneration and the severe symptoms of the disease disappear.

Fibromyalgia -> Lower pain.
Candida -> The infection disappears, therefore the pains and inflammation of the tissues decrease.
Migraine -> Disappears, wheat and dairy are the main triggers of migraine.
Fibromyalgia, candida and migraine are treated by eliminating certain foods and medicines that inflame tissues intoxicating the body of the patient.

Over the months the patient …. to have a full life without pain and being very happy for health and family life recovered after years of suffering. All this therapy and more is reflected in each of my books. Why a book? It is the way Easier to reach all corners of the planet where there is a sick person who needs to know this technique. Read my experience helps to understand what they are, why they appear and how these diseases are controlled. Scientists, nutrition experts and doctors with open minds already Are seeing and believing in the vital importance of good nutrition to prevent and treat diseases that year after year are increasing by the degeneration of the current diet and especially in the more developed countries.

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