72 Fibromyalgia Symptoms (You Will not Believe) What Are Yours?

72 Fibromyalgia Symptoms (You Will not Believe) What Are Yours?

You have probably read about the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as pain, fatigue and fibro fog, but the list of possible symptoms is wide reach widebody. These smaller lists will even begin to describe our experience! I’ve assembled this “monster list” of 60 symptoms so you know you’re not alone! The list is adapted from a developed by fibromyalgia author Devin Starlanyl along with other research.

Knowledge of the full range of symptoms can help control them, either to help the doctor make a diagnosis or to help identify the triggers. It also helps to know that you are not the only person who experiences these! Some of these processes are identified as overlapping conditions, which means they usually occur with fibromyalgia, but are conditions that must be diagnosed and treated separately.
We may have any combination of the following symptoms, and in varying degrees of severity.
The symptoms are divided into categories
General Symptoms
Symptoms and muscle tissue
Symptoms of Allergy and Sinus
Sleep related symptoms
Reproductive symptoms
Digestive and abdominal symptoms
Cognitive / Neurological Symptoms
Sensory symptoms
Emotional symptoms
Skin, hair and nail symptoms
Symptoms related to the heart


1. General symptoms
Late reactions to physical exertion or stressful events
Other members of the family with fibromyalgia (genetic predisposition)
Unexplained weight gain or loss
Carbohydrate and chocolate binge
Headaches and migraines
Changes in vision such as rapid vision deterioration

2. Muscle Symptoms & Tissue
The pain varies from mild to severe, and can move around the body (See the 7 types of fibromyalgia pain)
Morning stiffness
Muscle spasms
Diffuse inflammation
Fibrocystic (irregular, tender) breasts (as an overlapping condition)

3. Allergy and Sinusitis Symptoms
Post nasal drip
nasal discharge
Sensory yeast and molds
Difficulty breathing
Ear aches and itching ears
Ringing in the ears (retinitis)
Thick secretions

4. Sleep-related symptoms
Pattern of light and / or restless sleep broken with sleep
Sleep starts (fall sensations)
Nervous muscles at night

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